Torah is located on the south east coast of Makira Province in Solomon Islands. It is a 3-hour flight from Brisbane to Honiara, the capital, followed by a domestic flight to Santa Anna Island, a 45-minute boat ride and a 20-minute trek through creek beds.

There are 300 people living in the Torah Community, spread out over substantial distances in 5 sub-communities.

Access to Torah is difficult; there are no roads and it is inaccessible by sea due to the reefs surrounding the shores.   The only access is via foot.

Getting infrastructure to Torah is a logistical challenge.  Firstly the pipes, taps, and other infrastructure will need to be transported by cargo ship to Namuga, on the north side of the peninsula. The cargo will need to be unloaded by hand and transported by a small boat or canoe through a tidal estuary that penetrates the peninsula. The materials will then need to be carried through a jungle creek to Torah.