Creating a sustainable water system

Using stainless steel taps that can endure the harsh coastal conditions in the Solomon Islands, we are creating water infrastructure designed to be long-lasting and sustainable.

Genuine partnership

The Torah Community are partners in this project. They will be collecting raw materials, such as sand, gravel, and coral for the water system, as well as providing all the labour. They have also agreed to house and feed the Project team members while they are working there.

Delivering ongoing maintenance and repair training

Systems, no matter how well they are built, need ongoing maintenance. The community have identified a team to be trained to conduct maintenance and repairs to the water system.

The women, who are the primary users of the tap stands, will receive training to maintain and repair the taps.

Building a tool hire shed

The Torah community has fund raised and built this house to store the water infrastructure, pipes, taps, cement, and all other materials required.

A tool shed will be built next door to store tools, spare parts, and safety equipment for the maintenance of the water infrastructure.  The community will purchase the tools using micro-financing, and the tools will also be available to community members to hire for there own projects.

WaSH committee guidance

  • Long-term maintenance requires an effective WaSH committee and Water Maintenance Fund. The committee is responsible for ensuring infrastructure is maintained, that resources are distributed equitably, and that every household contributes to the costs of the system.
  • It ensures that the project is inclusive of women, men, youth, the elderly, and the disabled.
  • The WaSH committee have asked the community to dedicate Fridays to WaSH development and have been sending us their monthly WaSH committee reports.