Delivering a comprehensive hygiene and health education programme.

Hygiene is not just about washing hands. We provide education on personal hygiene, menstrual hygiene, food hygiene, water storage and delivery, water conservation, and rubbish management.

Collaborating with the community to develop a customised hygiene project.

Change is only possible when the community wants to change, the village of Torah have chosen six community members to promote change.

  • These community household assessors are conducting monthly household surveys to assess household hygiene and recommend changes.
  • These community household assessors are also collecting data on disease prevalence in each household monthly.
  • In June 2018, this data was analysed together with the household assessors and it was determined that the most effective change would be to encourage boiling their water before consumption. Plastic taps were provided to be retrofitted to their bucket containers to enable easy dispensing of boiled water.
  • All other hygiene measures require better access to water.
  • Over the following two year period, we hope to see changes in the disease prevalence.