Deliver comprehensive hygiene and health education

Hygiene is not just about hand washing.  We are providing education on personal hygiene, menstrual hygiene, food hygiene, water storage, and rubbish management.

In April 2018, we ran a 3 day workshop with 30 participants from the community on WaSH related diseases, hygiene practices, Water storage and delivery, water conservation, effect of climate change on water, water source protection.

Collaborate with the community to develop a community-driven hygiene project

Change is only possible when the community wants to change, the village of Torah have chosen six community members to promote change.

  • These community household assessors are conducting monthly household surveys to assess household hygiene.
  • Each month they recommend two changes and provide encouragement
  • In June, we will be doing a workshop with more education and show them how to analyse the data. From this, they will identify initiatives they believe are required to further improve hygiene. where changes have occurred can be celebrated, and areas where change still needs to occur can be identified.  These asessments also allow us to measure the impact of these changes.
  • Analyse survey results to identify initiatives required to improve household hygiene practices.