100% of your donations will go directly to infrastructure, the community and the actual programme.

All the administration, design and planning of the water delivery system as well as training of the maintenance team are undertaken on a voluntary basis.

We have been paying for our own airfares and travel costs.

The Community are providing team members with free food and accommodation.

Tap stand with concrete slab and drainage

Small 3000 litre water tanks for Gakou Sub -community

Large 10000 litre community holding tanks

Pipes and connectors for the gravity fed water system

$300 each

24 required

$1500 each

3 required

$2500 each

2 required


There are insufficient functioning water points for the community with no taps and no drainage.

Gakou sub-community is located higher than the dam and cannot use the dam as a water source. This separate solution will ensure an equitable water supply

Two large holding tanks will be used to for water storageto ensure constant water supply, removing the need to drink river water during the dry weeks.

A new pathway has been designed to carry water from the dam to the water taps, that optimises the use of the fall of the land. All the pipes will be buried to ensure protection from landslides and traffic damage.

$10,000 to deliver tools and materials to the community

We need to raise money for the transport of goods from Honiara to the local shipping wharf.

Pacific Koha, the NZ charity will manage the transport of infrastructure from New Zealand to Honiara.
The local community have agreed to meet the ship and manually transport the infrastructure from the shipping wharf to Torah, by boat or floating it through the river then walking it 2km to their storage facility.