100% of your donations will go directly to infrastructure, the community and the actual programme.

Money for taps, pipes and connectors have been raised and delivered to Honiara.

All the administration, design and planning of the water delivery system as well as training of the maintenance team are undertaken on a voluntary basis.

We have been paying for our own airfares and travel costs.

The Community are providing team members with free food and accommodation.

Tools for community

Large 10000 litre community holding tanks

$2000 in total

3 required

$2500 each

2 required

The Community have inadquate access to tools for maintenence and repair of the water system and for other tasks. The community have built a tool shed, maintenance and training will be provided to the community.

Two large holding tanks will be used to for water storage and water disinfection to ensure constant cleaner water supply, removing the need to drink river water during the dry weeks.

Transport from New Zealand to Honiara, then Honiara to Namuga genorously donated by Pacific Koha valued at $8,000.